Our homes are 100% Energy Star© certified.

Stafford Homes are built to be more energy efficient and healthier resulting in a better lifestyle.
We think that living should be enjoyable that not only is stylish but also reduces the impact on the environment while saving you money.  See the Standards that make us a better builder.

How A Stafford Home Impacts You

The average Stafford Home runs more efficient than many other homes. This is because we choose to build above code to reduce heat loss and place healthier choice products in your home.


Every Home Built 30% Above Code

Average Energy Savings Per Home

Greenhouse Gases/Yr/Home

Your Home, Our Quality

Our aim is to build healthy and high performance homes. We do this through quality building that passes Energy Trust scoring, Earth Advantage certification, and the EPA Energy Star© ratings.
These proven techniques all serve to give you a better home design, greater performance, lasting comfort, and an enjoyable lifestyle.

See How Stafford Builds

Below is how we build our homes above code with energy-efficiency at the heart of every home and eco-friendly choices.

Third-party tested kiln-dried lumber certified to have no more than 12-14% moisture content.

Higher density grade insulation stops heat transfer through framing spaces.

30 year warranted fiber cement lap siding and trim boards engineered to withstand the elements.

Select coatings for low VOC minimize in-home off-gas toxins.

Fixtures and appliances are energy efficient and water-saving reducing the overall cost of home operating.

High-efficiency heat-pump water heater rated at an energy factor of 3.4, which is equivalent to 340% increase in performance.

3rd party inspected for unbiased quality assurance to pass a rigorous checklist that meets Energy Star© verification and rating standards.

Whole house and wind wrapped to shield from rain and water.

Efficient vinyl windows with a heat loss and gain coefficient of 0.28. These window are designed to keep your house energy efficient.

Safer carpeting and advanced durable laminate wood-style flooring.

High-density blanket insulation is blown-in to seal the home. R-23 is used for the walls and R-60 to fill the ceiling reducing air leakage and creating a quieter home.

Duct work placed within the thermal envelope & mastic sealed.

High-density blanket insulation is blown-in to seal the home. R-23 is used for the walls and R-60 to fill the ceiling reducing air leakage and creating a quieter home.

MERV-13 air filtration 35-50% more efficnt Filerting than code filters & 96% AFUE gas furnace.

Homes are equipped to connect to solar panels for easy adaptability. If you choose to install solar panels, fewer panels are needed to power the home due to our efficiency standards and insulation practices.

PEX water piping is superior non-metallic, flexible non-contaminated piping reducing heat loss for a long-lasting and healthier water supply.


Hard board insulation sealed in “thermal bridges” above windows.

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ENERGY STAR© products are the same or better than standard products, only they use less energy. To earn the ENERGY STAR©, they must meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Energy. Since they use less energy, these products save you money on your electricity bill and help protect the environment by causing fewer harmful emissions from power plants. Source: www.energystar.gov