Stafford Homes & Land frequently asked questions are designed to answer the common inquiries for your convenience.

What Makes Stafford Homes Different?
Stafford Home & Land has operated since 2012. We are an award-winning homebuilder that creates homes that green and healthy. We certify these homes for clean air from the EPA and for performance by the Energy Trust of Oregon and Energy Star. Our homes are both beautiful and healthy to live in.
Do you use energy-efficient home building techniques?

Our homes are built above code and in some cases are LEED-certified. We utilize home sealing techniques for energy savings, above code blown-in insulation, and Energy Star rated appliances to name a few.  We verify our energy-efficient building techniques through a third party vendors.   To learn more about our energy-efficiency techniques visit https://staffordhomes.com/stafford-standards/.

What kind of architectural styles do you offer?

Stafford Homes & Land builds a variety of homes.  We build above code homes.   Below is a list of some of the types of homes we build.

  • Farmhouse
  • Modern & Modern 2-story
  • Craftsman
  • Ranch
  • Homes with ADU
How long has Stafford Homes been in business?

Stafford Homes & Land has been building homes since 2012.  We have over 400+ builds and more are finishing daily.

What comes standard in a Stafford home?

Stafford has a set of standards that we place in each home based on the community the homes resides.  You can read about this here.  These will be highlighted within the homes listing.

How long does Stafford Homes & Land take to build a new home?

A Stafford-built home varies in time based on the complexity of the build, amenities, and supply available for the home.  In most cases, a new home is built within a few months from start date.

Does Stafford Homes & Land have a warranty with their new homes?

Yes, Stafford Homes offers a one-year warranty on the home and it’s workmanship.  To learn more about your warranty, find the home booklet you would have received. If you have questions about this prior to purchasing, consult your realtor and ask for additional details.

Does Stafford Homes & Land cover the appliances under the warranty?

 Stafford Homes & Land uses quality products from recognizable brands that have warranties.  Products should be claimed by the manufacturers warranty.  Your home comes with a booklet including the appliances installed in your home.  Find the user manual for applicable warranty information.

Can I add upgrades to my home?

A choice of options may be available only if the home hasn’t already passed the phase in which it can be selected. Items like tile, doors, and windows may be upgraded before we’ve purchased and installed.  If the home is completed, then options will not be available.  If you are looking to choose options or upgrade, then be sure to talk with New Home Realty team about this opportunity.

Can I buy a home directly from Stafford Homes & Land?

No, Stafford Homes & Land has partnered with New Home Realty to help with the home buying process.

Why do you use New Home Realty for selling homes?

Home sales requires specialized knowledge around the laws of selling homes.  Since we do not have inhouse realtors to handle the sales of our homes we find that this relationship is important. 

Are there HOA established in your communities?

Yes, an HOA is helpful in maintaining the communities with upkeep of the neighborhood.  These fees vary based on the community and location.  To contact your HOA, look for your home information within the booklet you received at closing.