4 Reasons to Buy A LEED Certified Home



LEED-certified homes have been of interest to us for some time. Since our inception, we’ve added and gained more insight into how to build homes that are green and healthy. In our latest adventures, we’ve taken on building homes at Pringle Creek, which a green community in that every home is LEED-certified. As outlined by the U.S. Green Building Council, here are four reasons to buy a LEED-certified home.


Homes built to LEED-certified standards come with blown-in batting insulation R-23 which is standard in our homes. The difference is we get independent certification for a LEED home.

LEED homes built by Stafford receive a home envelop. Since we build performance homes, this is just another standard that is certified independently to show it meets LEED-certification standards.

Homes are sealed to prevent leakage throughout the home. Caulking is used in areas that have common gaps such as joists, windows, and doors. This step seals the home from air leakage and allows the home to preserve energy that most homes have issues with.

Well Being

We are all concerned about our family’s health and safety. Not only does a LEED-certified home encourage the use of environmentally- preferable products when possible, but built to ensure that construction waste is minimized, lessening the impact on the world around us.

Stafford approaches this by selecting excellent and environmentally safe products. We also work to reduce waste during construction. Our use of low volatile organic compounds in items like our paint. We also choose products that have high-efficiency ratings or are rated green such as the carpets we install. In addition, our wood waste is mulched into landscaping bark dust and other materials are recycled.  


A home is the single largest purchase most families will make, and a green designation helps add to its value. More energy-efficient homes, save water, and are healthier, are in high demand. In fact*:

  • Consumers ranked green/energy efficiency as their top requirement for their dream home (higher than ‘beachfront’ or ‘gated community’).
  • 60% said that green and energy efficient are the amenities they want in their next home.

A LEED-certified house adds value to a homeowner because it is built above industry standards. These improvements are almost future-proofing the home as the more modern features that the home has become more desirable. Also, as people become more aware of green homes they begin to look for homes that have healthy air situations or electric car charging availability. Overall the home provides more value to the home. 

*Weston, Rusty. “Yahoo! Study: American Dream Homes Turn Green.” Yahoo! Real Estate (2011).


A Stafford home is built LEED-certified green standards and verified by an independent third-party and verified by the U.S. Green Building Council. This review is conducted by Moffett Energy Consulting which performs onsite inspections, detailed documentation, and review of performance data to ensure performance data meets LEED certification standards. This requirement provides the trust that your new Stafford Home is a LEED-certified home, green and sustainable.

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