Building For A Better Home

Building For A Better Home

How These Homes are Built Better

A healthy home starts at the beginning. When built correctly and safely, you should be able to enjoy your new home for a lifetime. When Stafford builds a new home, they plan for the future. Precise choices determine the overall comfort and health of the homeowner for decades to come.  Stafford Homes chooses to step a bit more lightly, to craft a home that uses resources wisely from the moment construction begins.

Stafford Homes, Builds Energy Efficient & Energy Star Rated Homes

From frame to finish, Stafford homes are built with longevity and safety in mind. High-efficiency building techniques and appliances mean Stafford homes are also 100% Energy Star Certified, saving you money on energy bills. Not only do we save you money but also prevent the creation of more than 5,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Stafford homes are framed with third-party test kiln dried lumber certified to have no more than 12-14% moisture content. Moisture is kept out with the use of high-quality waterproof barriers to prevent rain and water rot.

Duct work is strategically placed to provide high-efficiency filtration and heating. Breathe easy thanks to Merv-13 air filters, which are 35-50% more efficient at filtering than code filters. Drafts are avoided with the use of hard board insulation, sealed around windows to keep air in.

The use of PEX piping and high-efficiency heat-pumps saves energy and promotes healthier water usage. Additionally, appliances and lighting in homes are chosen to maximize energy conservation. All Stafford built homes are also solar ready to save even more.

Finally, all homes are third party inspected for unbiased quality assurance. It isn’t easy to build above code, but Stafford knows the importance of feeling safe and comfortable in your home.

Stafford Homes and Land is a new home construction company founded in 2012 and offers clients energy efficient, healthy homes in the surrounding Portland area. Specialty home styles include in modern, farmhouse, and craftsman designs. Communities span across the greater Portland area to offer a wide range of places to call home like Salem, Dallas, McMinnville, Canby, Sandy, Banks, and Beavercreek.

See our energy-efficient new homes and communities, visit Staffordhomesandland.com/communities.

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