Is A New Home Right For You?

Is A New Home Right For You?

Buying a home is likely one of the biggest decisions you can make. Your life spent making memories, celebrating holidays, and every day experiences is what makes home ownership so enjoyable. Even the quality of life is impacted in the health of the environment that new can offer. Making the right choice is important to your well-being. Here are 6 reasons to buy a new home.

No Handyman Required

A new home has little to no maintenance for the first year. Most home builders include a 1-year warranty, including Stafford Homes, for fixes. No haggling over fixes in the house or questionable home inspections. Plus, you may have an added expensive of home updates to replace those outdated counters, floors, you name it. If this doesn’t sound like you, or you hate home projects, or aren’t very good at the handyman thing then buy new. You’ll be living sweat free.

Comfortable Living

Everyone loves the amenities when it comes to a home. For most buyers, the crucial amenities are master bath and kitchen. With a new home there is often spacious master suites with master baths that maximize comfort. Kitchens are spacious to give you both enough storage and work space for cooking. The best thing about modern features is the quality design and style that match your taste of aesthetics.

Lower Utility Costs

Homes built today are often more energy efficient than their counterparts 10 years ago. Technology has much to do with that as well as building code. Stafford takes this a bit further in that we seal home to reduce heat loss through blown insulation, performance windows, Energy Star appliances, and more. This all means that utilities are often below a $100/mo.

Community Amenities

Many communities come with additional amenities with them. Club houses, community centers, and walking trails are often designed into the communities the homes are built on. A new home nestled in one of these communities offers both a sense of belonging and creating a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Living

Many home builders, like Stafford Homes, are making smart choices about the products and building they do. Clean air, green carpets, solar power ready, and eco friendly products are designed into the home reducing unhealthy exposure to homes that are older or poorly built.

That Feeling of New

We all love new things. With new means new experiences without the need to cover up someone else’s mark on that home. Plus, you have piece of mind that there are no dead bodies hidden in patio. It is the same feeling we have with a new car, new clothes, new anything.


Buying new can help improve the quality of life. At Stafford Homes & Land, we build all our homes above code earning energy performance scores, certified Energy Star, and EPA Indoor airLUS. You’ll find that with a new home you’ll enjoy lower cost in utilities and enjoy your home for years to come with out a lot of maintenance. Is new right for you? We think so.

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