Stafford Homes & Land Wins The Street of Dreams Home of the Decade

Stafford Homes & Land is awarded the Street of Dreams Home of the Decade for the Quintessence. In 2016, Stafford Homes & Land teamed up with NW Dream Homes to build the Quintessence, an energy-efficient home in West Linn, Oregon. The home received 14 awards for its design and performance features. The eco-friendly choices made during construction for Quintessence earned the home a Platinum Earth Advantage Certification. At the time, it became the largest home in the state to earn the certification.


Congratulations to Stafford Homes & Land for receiving the most comments and likes on their NW Natural Street of Dreams home from 2016. Their Best of the Decade home definitely was a stunner!

Posted by Street of Dreams on Monday, August 31, 2020

Stafford Won 14 Awards during the 2016 Street of Dreams

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Quintessence refers to the fifth element after fire, water, earth, and air. In Greek, philosophy quintessence refers to a sublime, perfect substance. As a home, these ideas are at the center of the four elements and is considered to us, the sublime and perfect substance that home brings. The design is open concept earth-friendly home. The 6,000+ home utilizes advanced home sealing techniques and water-water saving features to operate under $200/month.



Quintessence home design incorporates fire & water throughout the property. As you approach the home, fire torches greet you at the entrance to the property. Fire elements run parallel to the house that seems to almost dance from a water feature that wraps around the right side of the home. The water itself rests peacefully providing a feeling of tranquility. The house itself makes use of fire with two fireplaces, one in the great room and the other outside of the patio. A Within in the house sits fireplaces one at the center of the home and one in the large patio.



Water is a major piece to the home design which helped earn it the Platinum Earth Advantage Certification. 10,000 gallons of rainwater is collected and stored. The water is used for the lawn as well as the water feature and rain shower that sits outside of the house. The rain shower is a design feature that provides a sensory experience of relaxation. A water feature wraps the back and right side of the house.


From the outside to the inside the home is designed with stone, wood, and metal. The earthen built home makes use of earth-friendly products with sacrificing the design.

The exterior of the home has an exposed stained-wood style siding with accompanied by stone across the home. The wood is actually an earth-friendly engineered product designed for durability. Before entering the home, a metal tree sculpture is planted at the entry as if it was frozen in time, unchanging, and unmovable.

The interior continues this seamless design of wood and stone. Enter the house through a glass wooden door to a 30-foot-long Montana stone and steel fireplace. Exposed beams and planks are visible throughout the house along with quartz and stone covered kitchens and bathrooms give Quintessence the earthy rustic feel of the northwest.



Air quality makes Quintessence a healthy home. The home has a large open layout with many rooms accessible to the outside making the home interior and exterior merge as one space. Large vaulted ceilings that pour into a large covered living space make indoors seem as much outdoor as the outdoor is indoor. What really makes the home healthy is the ventilation system. The HVAC and ductwork are centralized and inside the home providing an efficient method of circulating air. A hospital-grade HVAC unit circulates the air every 24 hours from outside.

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