What Features Does A Stafford Indoor airPLUS Home Have?

Mold & Moisture Control

Following EPA guidelines for building, Stafford manages the home’s exposure to moisture which in return prevents mold. In Oregon, mold is a serious issue that often triggers allergy and asthma symptoms.  Homes are susceptible to these issues so sealing the home and controlling roof, wall, and foundation drainage are incredibly important.

Radon Control

Radon is a natural, odorless gas that is the second leading cause of lunger cancer in the United States. By implementing EPA standards for Indoor airPLUS, we ensure that radon is correctly mitigated to make the home healthy to live in.  Specifically we seal the home from allowing gases to easily penetrate the building while at the same including proper ventilation of the home to allow for fresh healthy air. 


Pest Management

 A healthy home can quickly become unhealthy when pests invade.   Residues from rodents and cockraoches can trigger allergy and asthma attacks.  Sealing the home become important to preventing pests from encroaching on your property.  Gaps in a home’s joints, are sealed to prevent these pests from ever breeching your home. 


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning to Improve Air Quality


Every Stafford home is engineered to improve airflow in the home.  We install better ducting, heating equipment, and improved filtration (MERV-13) in the house.  We also ventilate the indoor air and exchanging it for fresh air from outside.  Post construction, we review our duct work to ensure debris are free from the ventilation.


Combustion Venting for Indoor Air Quality


Every home’s heating system is properly ventilated to keep harmful gases out of your home.  Stafford, when deploying an HVAC unit, either includes the heating unit inside of the home or places it in an enclosed space within the garage.  Air is piped into the home and filtered.  Carbon monoxide alarms are placed in sleeping areas and the home is sealed to prevent garage pollutants from entering the home.

Healthy Building Materials  

The air quality of the home is dependent on the materials and products installed in a home.   Stafford, following EPA guidelines, uses quality products that are low in chemicals.  In addition, we attempt to reduce exposure to elements during construction and ventilate the home after construction to remove air issues. 


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